Friday, October 31, 2008

Another irresponsible and dangerous feeding of cats

I spoke to two elderly lady near where the fish leftover was found. The Chinese lady , who was in a wheelchair, said she has seen Tua-Pui-Meow since she was a “little baby”. Both ladies agreed that the small bones from a fish were dangerous. The Malay lady said she was afraid to tell people off for fear of violent reprisal. The Chinese lady said she would speak to the feeder if she saw him or her.

Colin Phan's "I am a Cat"

Colin Phan's "I am a Cat"


I have feelings. I feel pain.
I did not choose to be brought into this world.
I have no home.

Everyday I search for food
In drains, rubbish bins, in places no one would think of,
Just to eat so that I may survive,
So that I may live another day to search for food.
I see so many of my kin doing the same thing,
Some are fortunate like I am, some are not,
Countless are those who have drowned, who have died,
Just searching for that morsel of sustenance so that they may live another day.

Where do I go? I sleep where I can,
I suffer the ignominious looks of people.
If I am lucky, I am shooed away,
If I am not, I get kicked, swept at by brooms,
And it hurts.
I have seen my children tortured.
Images of Rubber Bands stapled on ears,
Of tin cans tied to tails to scare us.
Even worse, of detergent poured into water to poison us.
Whom do I tell these feelings to?

No one. We suffer in silence.

Yet there are kind souls.
There are those who will feed me, who care.
There are those who give me a gentle hand,
That will make that very special effort.
Who amongst us do not crave a mother’s touch?
Who amongst us do not wish to live?

Yet we are denied this right...
Countless of us are sentenced to death.
Today I look again for food,
I may not see tomorrow,
Because I am just an “ANIMAL”
I have no rights,
And thus, I am no longer allowed to live.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A community cat called Kopi-Tortie

This tortoise-shell community cat lives in the vicinity of a coffee-shop. She was sterilised a long time ago when ears were not tipped. An Indian lady who works nearby will give her food while she has her own breakfast.
On Deepavali, the coffee-shop was closed.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Orange-Boy has an afternoon snack

A little bit of leftover was easily discarded with the paper bowl.

This guy got rid of more than 300 cats over the years

This guy got rid of more than 300 cats over the years

Its regarding this issue abt banning dogs from HDB flats... :

See at the bottom of the page:

Or look at Post 13 of the thread :

Posted by a guy named TanTuanKhoon :

"I note that lauchinky joined as a cats’ lover trying to get at me because I got rid of more than 300 cats over the years with the full knowledge of AVA.

I had proved that Cats Welfare Society (CWS) is not correct in their call for their natural procreate. Their ideology is to replace the one taken away, but is not practical in our highly urbanized city.

I question; who is responsible for the nuisances caused by the stray cats or dogs? How many cats’ lover trains their cats especially toilet’s training?

Do you not think that feeding strays is cruel when I was corrected by cats’ lovers during our arguments when I said that most of the poor creatures do not survived more than 4 years, but was corrected in year 2004 that because of people like me they survive about 2 years only"

CSI sexperts.....we need your help to CSI who is this TanTuanKhoon - this is the nickname of a guy in various forums (including Straits Times Forums) who has proudly claimed to have legally murdered 300 cats.

Although what he did is legal, it is nonetheless downright cruel. His illogical explanations trying to manipulate the fact that what he's doing is kind instead of cruel clearly shows he is not just a cruel/evil guy but also full of deceit. We, the cat lovers in EDMW, kindly seek your expert skills in CSI-ing this guy to see who he really is in real life and sexpose him on the online community with hope of raising awareness among all cat lovers and hopefully stop his cruel acts (whether it is legal in context of the law or not)

The way I see it, if today this guy cannot exploit the loophole in the system backed by AVA, he would have probably been on the other side of the law instead - a criminal animal abuser. His strong hatred for cats can be felt by anybody (not necessarily a cat lover) who reads his posts.

We sincerely appeal to the CSI experts in EDMW for your help


One possible suspect (bear in mind....this is a possible suspect only based on clues/evidence found....not neccessarily the correct person):-

Tan Tuan Khoon
47 Jalan Redop,
Singapore 808593

I checked the map - Jalan Redop is nearby Seletar area.

Before we take a look at the exemplary conduct of this special breed of Singaporean complainants, we must know the premiere specimen himself - Club Rad chairman Tony Tan Tuan Khoon, residing somewhere in Seletar - this info is public knowledge since he appeared on that Channel News Asia programme touting itself as a voice for truth. He is proud of his cat toll. Since 2003, more than 200 cats have died by the hand of Tony Tan Tuan Khoon, residing somewhere in Seletar.

His cat toll began and continued through the SARS period when AVA’s service of providing cat traps for free was advertised and promoted. After SARS abated, he continues to fervently trap cats. He has, it seemed, developed a taste for sending cats to be killed by the AVA. Dawn has tried to help him solve his “cat problem”, but with the type of reaction she got for every single suggestion, it seems all he wants is for cats to die.
source -

The happy trio

The friendly temperament of these community cats is indication that they grew up with human but were abandoned for "some" reasons. May they be safe from human who simply hate cats, children who are not taught by their parents that cats, too have feelings, pest-controllers, town council officers, cars, drinking from drain water laced with anti-larval poison, misplaced "well meaning" feeders who are irresponsible by not cleaning up the leftovers and who are dangerous by feeding whole fish with small bones that can pierce into a cat's throat or intestines, resulting in a slow painful death.

Educating a "ghost" irresponsible cat feeder with a CWS flyer

Ants are all over the leftover

Cat flushing the toilet

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Uncle who manages a public toilet has a kind heart for community cats


7th October 2008



The uncle told me that the handsome cat (below) that I photographed was killed when he crossed the road about a month ago. He said he didn’t thought of burying the carcass and it was removed by some cleaners. He said he and his aunt took care of the cat since it was a small kitten about 10 years ago. They didn’t give the cat a name. I told him to give a name to the recently sterilised black cat (above) and he agreed to call him Xiao Hei (Little Blackie). He asked me to print for him and his aunt the photos of the deceased cat.


A handsome community cat called Tabby-Boy

A beautiful community cat called Tara





Monday, October 27, 2008

A dog has risked its life to protect four kittens trapped in a house fire in Melbourne, Australia.

A dog has risked its life to protect four kittens trapped in a house fire in Melbourne, Australia.

Firefighters found Leo guarding the kittens which were in a cardboard box in one of the bedrooms.

When the fire broke out inside the house, the family of four plus their other dog managed to escape.

However Leo paid the price for his bravery. He succumbed to the smoke and heat.

Firefighters rushed the dog to safety and revived the unconscious Leo with a heart massage and oxygen.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It is very unsafe to give fish with bones to a cat. A cat can choke to death on one small bone if it catches in the cat's throat.

Can cats eat fish with bones?

In: Cats

It is very unsafe to give fish with bones to a cat. A cat can choke to death on one small bone if it catches in the cat's throat.

My kitten died when she accidentally choked fish bone, for the next time, what can I do?

I thought she was just playing, until I realized she wasn't, and hardly gasping for air. I held her, her body is very weak, as she is dead, but she's still making "meow" sounds. I quickly opened her mouth, and pulled the bone that I realized was inside her mouth-closing her throat. But sadly, she died. I don't know if she was, so I made a -some-like-CPR, I blew into her mouth with a straw, but she didn't response. Now, she's dead.

Two male cats sterilised and now released; a "new" tabby trapped for sterilisation

7.50pm: the two male cats were released. Hopefully the lowering of their testosterone will reduce their propensity to fight.



Just as we were about to release the cats, we spotted the tabby outside the store-room. She was hungry. After about 10 minutes with two shifts of the trap as the ground was uneven and the trap door didn’t come down despite the cat walking right to the end, it finally clanged shut.


However there are feeders at this block who are not only irresponsible by not clearing the leftovers but endanger the lives of the community cats by offering whole fish. The small bones can pierce into the throat and guts of the cats causing painful slow death. I came a few times but couldn't meet the the feeders to talk to them. However there is a bowl of water amongst rusting bicycles at the void deck. I will leave a note there in Malay, Chinese and English, appealing for responsible and safe feeding.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A community cat called Metallica

It's cold with the rainy season and the paper sheet provides some warmth on the metallic bench.

Encounter with the lady who manages the vegetarian food-stuff shop



This morning, I followed Kopi-tiam cleaning lady when she went to refill the food bowl placed besides a pillar next to a provision shop. One shop further away sells vegetarian food stuff. The elderly Chinese lady who managed this shop walked out to confront the cleaning lady. She scolded her for feeding the cats so near her shop that the “stray” cats had come into her shop to give her trouble. I explained that MiMi was sterilised. She said she had told the cleaning many times to remove the food away and she didn’t seem to understand. I said that she was perhaps a simple-minded lady, otherwise she would be managing a shop rather than cleaning the tables at the coffee shop. She said she would complain to the town council if the cleaning lady still insisted on placing the food near her shop. I said that would mean death to the cats, including MiMi. I told her to complain about the cleaning lady if she had to. She seemed taken aback. I said the cats were innocent. I also said I presumed she was a Buddhist, working in a shop that sells vegetarian food stuff and there some Buddhist paraphernalia in the shop. I reminded her that calling the town council meant KILLING the cats who were sentient beings.I told her that she should use her intelligence to develop wisdom and compassion instead of venting her anger on the cats!


I advised the cleaning lady to move the food and water bowls to the back of the shops and to advise another feeder, an Ah Pek, not to place the food near the shop. The cleaning lady then placed the bowl at the foot of a staircase which is still near to the complainant’s shop! I told her to move them as far as possible.


What is the point of being vegetarian or be involved in vegetarian products when the heart is still bent killing on anger, lack of patience and intolerance!?

A lovely community cat called Tua-Pui-Meow

Friday, October 24, 2008

A community cat called Orange-Boy

About 3 years ago, a caregiver saw him hiding under a drain cover with a pest controller besides trying to entire him with a bait. Fortunately he wasn't hungry or greedy and the pest controller gave up after a while. The caregiver then quickly got him to the vet and have him sterilised.

Tragic end to a community cat - thrown and fallen?


Yesterday evening, an uncle found this cat still alive at the foot of a block of HDB flats but died on arrival at the vet clinic. The vet would be sending the body to AVA for post-mortem.

Please do not lure any cats upstairs to be fed. Not everyone likes cats and some people may resort to violence when annoyed with cats outside their flats.

Home cats, too must be kept strictly indoors, to prevent such tragic end.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Irresponsible cat owners who dumped a mother cat and 5 kittens!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

MettaCats MettaCats

12.54pm, sms from Siew Ying:

"Last night, some students found 5 kittens about 4-weeks' old and mother dumped at a void deck. of Block 4** Serangoon Avenue. They said they were there for a few days already, according to residents there but yesterday the mummy cat kept lying on her side.

I went down last night. Mummy cat has very high fever. Brought all of them home.
Given her medication this morning. She started to eat."

caroline_23102008Siew Ying named the mummy cat Caroline.

If you would like to adopt any of the kittens, when they are weaned, or Caroline, or help to lighten the financial burden on Mettacats by sponsoring food, vet fees, or boarding, please email to

Beautiful community cat killed by a car


Last photo taken on 08-10-2008

She was killed by a car on the evening of 09-10-2008.

I wish I could tell the person who dumped her onto the streets and you are responsible for her tragic end!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tabby-Boy on a Sunday morning

He drank half of that small cup of water. The cup was cleared later.






Friday, October 17, 2008

The extraordinary kindness of an ordinary man

The uncle said that this cat used to belong to a lady who lives in this block and couldn't take care of her in her home as she was working (this is abandonment!)
He is aware that it is dangerous to feed whole fish to a cat as the bones might pierce into the throat.
He said this cat has been abused by foreign workers who work as cleaner. I have seen this cat, whom I called Tua-Pui-Meow became alert whenever a cleaner was nearby. I have spoken to one particular worker and voiced my concern that this cat has been abused by him. He denied. However I warned of the consequence of abusing an animal.
The uncle also said that this cat has been retrieved from AVA by another lady who lives in this block.
Town council officers have been known to be ruthless to cats and would just engage the pest controller who is sometimes also the contract estate cleaner, to round up the cats in the vicinity of the complaints, not bothering to find out if the complaint was genuine or which particular cat is involved. Often the complaint is about an upstairs free-roaming home cat that defecated in the corridors but the downstairs innocent cats such as Tua-Pui-Meow, are being rounded up. After all, cats can't speak.
Please volunteer yourself to protect the community cats by speaking to your town council officer to say that you will help to look into any complaint. Very often the complainants do NOT want any cat to be killed but the lazy town council officer will assume so.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two best friends sharing a bowl of breakfast

A cat living harmoniously in the community




All he asks is a small space to sleep, enough food and fresh water. Aren’t these our basic needs as well?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Save Lives, Sterilise!

A community cat with a tipped ear in Bedok Reservoir. She was very hungry.

More of the wonderful trio

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The three head-butting best friends (community cats)

The three head-butting best friends (community cats)

I came across love this little vid and want to share it with everybody.

I could go on my typical ramble and soapbox my way through reality and animal-utopia , but I’ll keep it simple: I think this demonstrates how affectionate, gentle, friendly and peaceful cats can be among themselves. Great plus point that they are all tipped-eared. I love the black cat especially, so busy making eyes, turning belly up, head-butting, and talking all at the same time.She’s got a very small voice but she’s beautiful. I love how she’s the bridge between the video maker and her more timid tabby buddies.All the cats need is to be respected as living creatures sharing our space and allowed to live their lives. They don’t need interference or intervention from people, barring the very crucial mojo-stealing of course. Can’t help wondering if they are related. In any case, I hope they stay together, safe and healthy always.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Is your Town Council pandering to "spoilt adult brats"?

Monday, October 09, 2006
Encouraging bad behaviour

Remember this guy? I SMSed him this evening to say that we did not know the caregiver in the area, but that we were getting another resident to go down. He called backed to say that he saw some cats sleeping on cars last night. I said the volunteer would be going down.

He complained that nothing had been done - I pointed out that he had said on Friday that he didn't need immediate action as long as something was done. I also pointed out that we needed to try and find someone near him. I said that town councils for example, take 5 working days to get back to the residents of this TC and that this is nowhere near that. He claimed that in HIS case, it was one day - and he's right, because the TC is so worried when he complains that they rush his case to the forefront, because he claims he is going to see the MP. He now says he is going to go back and complain to the TC again.

What annoys me tremendously is that when there were problems in the TC and the caregivers tried to contact them, they were told there was a 5 day waiting period. In this case, he gets special treatment because why? He's ruder? He's more unreasonable? The best way to appease him is to just give in?

He also agreed that removing the cats had happened several times, and new ones keep coming in, and he's not happy any of them sleep on his car (though he cannot show they scratched it because the car has been polished since then). However as long as they don't sleep on his car 'for a while' he's happy.

Truly TC does a disservice to Singapore by pandering to these people - if this was a child, and they were raised this way, you'd get a spoilt brat. If you pander to a spoilt adult, you get a demanding, unreasonable person who isn't willing to do anything but complain. And waste everyone's time and money.

Yet TCs rush to service them. And encourage MORE bad behaviour. Which means in turn MORE rushing to service them. Someone has to set the rule in TCs that there must be standards of common courtesy, and that sometimes, the answer to these people is just "too bad".

One nice thing - someone called to thank us for organising Spay Day today.

Cats and Car-Paint

The quick answer is that car duco - if its in half decent condition - is extremely hard (its baked for at least half an hour at over 300º since it has to withstand road gravel hitting it etc). And cats claws are the same hardness as our fingernails. So unless you can scratch off the paint with your fingernail, there is *no way* a cat can scratch the *paint* of the surface of a car that's in a fairly good condition. (Paint does weather though and if its in a really bad state, it can be scratched, but if its that bad it should be a funny colour of white and be in the junk yard).

However, if the car has been *waxed*, the cat's claws (and your fingernails) can remove some of the wax, leaving what looks likes scratches in the paint, but are in fact just places where the surface of the wax has been removed. But then again a cat just walking across a car doesn't *use* claws, so the only way that the cat could scratch the car is if it was trying to somehow get traction on the surface, by either falling off or (dare I say) running for its life.

The worst a cat can do to in normal circumstances is leave cute little muddy cat prints - annoying but not inherently damaging.

Victoria Chapman, BSc, Paint Technologist
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
New car owners

The town council called after speaking with this guy. It appears he has complained before, and they have removed the cats before and he's still not happy.

The TC reminded us these are not sterilised cats and they can remove them. I pointed out to the TC though that clearly removing the cats STILL isn't satisfying the guy. I suggested trying to work out a more long term solution by working with the feeder - but we need to be able to find her first.

It turns out he has a 6 month old car. The officer said he's rather hot tempered and comes back late at night so the cats tend to sleep on his car for warmth. Save us from people with new cars - or at least those who begrudge the cats a bit of warmth. I haven't seen the scratches he claims were left by the cats - and will not be able to since he claims the car has been repainted. I CAN understand not letting a cat scratch the car of course, but I wonder what happened to the fact that he alleges must prove? Now some cats get hauled off because he said so.

A resident complaint of the presence of a black cat


A resident complaint to the town council about the presence of this black cat. Fortunately the senior property officer was brave and reasonable enough to ignore the complainant.

Some other property officers would ask the pest controller to remove the cat to be killed at the AVA!

How many innocent feline lives have been lost because no one spoke for them.

Please call up the town council and speak to your property officer. Tell him or her that you will help to look into any feedback about community cats. This will prevent property officer from being lazy by only expending energy to pick up the phone to call the pest controller!