Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The winner of this month Culling cup award goes to:

Some town council officers blame cat feeders for "breeding" mosquitoes

This plastic bag is a human litter that is collecting rain water.

Responsible feeding should include ensuring that water in bowls is fresh and not be allowed to stagnate.

The solution is to educate feeders.

Removing community cats to AVA for "assistance" is not going to eradicate irresponsible feeding and prevent "new" cats to fill the "vacuum."

In a bus: blocking the aisle just next to the exit, for the "convenience" of just ONE human being!

Dustbin, dustbin everywhere, yet rubbish rubbish everywhere!

Yet cats are blamed for "messing" up public areas, giving the town councils an excuse to "exterminate" them.
Yet HDB says...cats are dirty...depriving HDB residents of the companionship of cats "legally".

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adopt this community cat called Cashmere

Photo album

If you would like to adopt Cashmere, please send an email to

Arrangment can be made for Cashmere to be confined temporarily to train to use the litter-bin and also for vaccination.

She is absolutely gorgeous looking (very soft fur) with a absolutely "manja" ("affectionate") temperament.

She is estimated to be between 1 to 2 years of age.

Community Cat in Aljunied Lane

Crow Killers/Murderers

Rethink shooting of crows (
05:55 AM Jul 27, 2009
Letter from Bhaskaran Kunju

I WRITE with regard to the culling of crows as carried out by the National Environment Agency (NEA). I live in an HDB estate in the northern part of Singapore where the culling of crows is carried out about once a month. The amount of noise the gunshots generate is enough to startle anyone, especially since no warning or notice is given beforehand.

There are a number of schools in the vicinity. Culling has even been carried out directly in front of a primary school, while school children were on their way home.

While the shooter may be a marksman, I find it discomforting that the NEA has allowed firearms to be used in such locations.

The culling process was started in the 1980s to reduce the crow population. I strongly believe that the numbers have dropped significantly given the culling process and our rapid urbanisation.

It is time the NEA reconsider the status of crows as pests. Apart from the population numbers, which the NEA should make public to justify its actions, the other contributing factors for the culling have been the supposed noise from the birds and their being scavengers. Crows, however, are not the only scavengers. Any bird that becomes accustomed to living in densely-populated areas with few natural preys resorts to scavenging.

It is common to see sparrows and mynahs eating the leftovers in eateries and leaving behind their droppings. Is this not also a nuisance and unhygienic?

In addition, crows do not breed as much as has been mistakenly repeated. They brood once a year and only an average of three eggs are hatched successfully. In comparison, pigeons brood as many as eight times a year.

We should also not be paranoid about the possible spread of bird flu, which is more likely to be spread by migratory birds. Pigeons are known to spread diseases as well.

I am not asking the NEA to switch its culling focus to other intrusive birds but pointing out the flawed rationality in its programme. If the issue is about aggressiveness or incessant noise, then the NEA should only act on such instances of disturbances.

I do not wish to launch into a plea of humanity against the killing of animals but it is indeed inhumane to be shooting birds when alternative methods are available to deal with them. One method is for people to be more responsible in the disposal of trash and in the clearing of leftover food in eateries.

The real cause for the population explosion of birds, if any, are these food sources. Another alternative method is to install plastic owls to scare the crows away.

If the NEA is pressing on with its culling programme and the culling has not reduced the bird population, then obviously there is a fundamental flaw in its methodology.

I am also appalled that an annual crow- hunting competition is held by the Singapore Gun Club and endorsed by the NEA. This seriously goes against the very values of the NEA as an environmental-protection agency.

To support this urgent call to use alternative humane methods of reducing the crow population, write to TODAY at with your name, address and contact numb

Human Bullshit!

Shin Ming dd 28 Sep 09

The "famous" AVA's template reply

From: Panqin CAI

Town Councils have a responsibility to address and resolve estate management issues including stray cat problems faced by the residents. Town Councils need to balance the interests of cat lovers and residents who are aggrieved by the stray cats, regardless the cats are sterilised or not. AVA has an understanding with Town Councils that sterilised stray cats would not be removed unless they are causing problems or found in food establishments.

We have noted your appeals. In 2003, AVA reviewed the Stray Cat Rehabilitation Scheme (SCRS) with the Town Councils. Unfortunately it was found that the SCRS did not resolve the problems caused by stray cats in public housing estates and was thus discontinued. The HDB policy on the keeping of cats takes into consideration the sentiments of the majority of HDB residents ; not all residents like cats or are comfortable with neighbours keeping cats.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely
Dr Cai Panqin | Senior Animal Control Officer | Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority
Tel 64719992 | Fax 6473 3687 | Website

Monday, September 28, 2009

RC (Residents' Committee) volunteer abusing caregivers and cats!

Letter to the MP from a caregiver

Date: Monday, 28 September, 2009, 2:26 PM

CC ****, **** Town Council
**** Stray Cat Rehab Volunteers

Dear Sir,

I am ***, one of the volunteers managing the stray cats in the *** estate.

Firstly, I would like to thank **** Town Council for their continuous support in working with the volunteers towards stray cat management in the *** Estate. We have been working with **TC for several years and many residents are aware of the programme through 'neighbourly talks' although we have yet to publicise it through posters and publicly educating even more residents on the programme.

Last Saturday residents of T*** RC at Blk ** ***** celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival. It was a happy occasion but something unpleasant took place that made me write to you.

That night, as usual, our feeders went on their daily feeding rounds. The feeders feed the strays in a responsible manner, leaving no food behind and ensure that the cats are well managed through neutering. A fellow resident, with a digital camera at hand, began taking videos and pictures of the feeders, which aroused our concern. A volunteer approached him to find out more and he confidently blurted out that feeding animals is wrong and that he wanted to make a complaint.

I identified him as the son of a fellow T*** RC volunteer (I can only remember him as Mr Y), residing at Blk ** #0*-1***. Mr Y was identified by the RC as one of those whom new residents can look for if they have any queries about the neighbourhood. I received the newsletter when I moved in a few years back.

As a resident and fellow volunteer contributing my services towards the estate too, I am distraught and would like the RC to look into this.

1) As an RC volunteer, Mr Y is either not being briefed by his RC on the estate's programmes or chose not to support the stray cat rehab programme **TC is collaborating with fellow residents of the estate. Such misinformed belief that feeding animals is wrong needs to be corrected. Lest we forget, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong stated during his walkabout in Kim Keat that it is not illegal to feed stray cats, but it must be done responsibly.

2) Identified by the RC as someone whom new residents can look for, he is not setting a good example to new residents by his recent actions. Instead of explaining to the new residents the rationale of the programme and supporting it, he might even be condemning it.

3) Mr Y and myself all make up a team of volunteers working towards the better good of the estate. I would appreciate that he will go up to the volunteers if he has any concern instead of getting his son to take photos and videos, making the feeders feel not at ease.

4) I urge the RC to educate Mr Y and fellow residents on animal compassion if he continues to volunteer for the RC as his actions will reflect badly on the organisation he represents. On one occasion sometime ago, I witnessed him picking up a stone and throwing it at a passing-by cat. What horrified me next was, he picked another stone and gave it to his grandchild to throw it again at the poor animal. Studies have shown the benefits of interaction with animals and how children exposed to pets develop tolerance, compassion and social responsibility. Unfortunately, Mr Y actions could instill negative values in children: the intolerance of other living beings in our community and the acceptability of a sterile humans-only Singapore.

Let's hope Mr Y and family will look beyond their personal dislike for animals/cats and understand the main objective of why the stray cats rehab scheme exist in the first place.

Lastly, I do recognise T** RC's main objectives and reason for their existence. Let's hope we can work as a team and not in silos towards making Fengshan a better place to live in for all.

Thank You
Functions of the Committee

3 The functions of the Committee are :

(a) to promote neighbourliness, harmony and cohesiveness among the residents of the Designated Zone;

(b) to liaise with and make recommendations to governmental authorities on the needs and aspirations of residents of the Designated Zone;

(c) to disseminate information and channel feedback on government policies and actions from residents of the Designated Zone; and

(d) to promote good citizenship among residents of the Designated Zone.

HDB says....cats are dirty....blah blah blah

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Like us, a cat feels thirst too

Aussie cat survives pea rifle attack

Aussie cat survives pea rifle attack

3:05PM Tuesday Sep 22, 2009

MELBOURNE - A brave Victorian country cat shot 13 times in the head with a pea rifle has survived the brazen attack.

Smokey, the nine-year-old moggie, was shot 13 times by a .22 calibre rifle on Monday, with most of the pellets since removed and the cat remaining in the care of a vet.

RSPCA Victorian president Dr Hugh Wirth described the act as "utterly disgraceful".

He said the cat was expected to recover.

"This is typical of a whole range of attacks on animals, whether it's the city or the country," Dr Wirth told AAP.

Bow-and-arrow attacks on cats, and shootings of larger birds like swans were on the rise, he said.

He said there was a "well-established link" between cruelty to animals by young people and harm to other adults later in life.

Dr Wirth urged parents to teach young children to respect life.


The cat who was found in a sticky situation - wrapped head to foot in duct tape

Latest photo of Manja

Who would adopt such an ulgy cat?

News from the past: "Cat lovers up in arms" (in Tampines)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cat lovers hold memorial for 700 culled stray cats

Some teary-eyed, the cat lovers who turned up took turns dropping flowers in a vase at the Oriental Hotel yesterday. -- HOW HWEE YOUNG

JUNE 9, 2003
Cat lovers hold memorial for 700 culled stray cats

The 80-minute event was also to honour those who care for strays

MORE than 70 cat lovers gathered at a five-star hotel yesterday to remember the 700 cats that had been culled recently.

The special 80-minute session, which included song and flower tributes, and a minute's silence for the dead animals, was organised by animal welfare and rescue movement SOS Animals.

Many wept openly, including Mrs Wendy Lee-Ang, 40, who attended the event with her husband, former swimming champion Ang Peng Siong, 40.

Both avid cat lovers share their home with three cats - Joey, Three-spot and Bouncy - and their newborn baby boy.

Mr Ang's voice clogged with emotion when he recalled how Ranger, the family's favourite, had loved to lie on his chest and take naps together.

Ranger the cat died from a chest infection last year.

Said Mr Ang: 'Cats provide companionship and good memories. It pains me and my family to see them being netted. Instead of culling, there should be a long-term plan to reduce the population.

'Sterilisation is the best way.'

In organising the memorial, Ms Sandy Lim, founder of SOS Animals, said she wanted to recognise and honour the efforts of those who have spent years caring for strays and sterilising them.

She said: 'These are ordinary folk who hit the streets every day to feed and rescue the cats. Some have even been verbally abused, so this is to support them.'

So far, the non-profit movement has rescued about 60 stray cats in the past three weeks and a new centre will soon be set up to house them, said Ms Lim.

She added that SOS Animals will also be tendering for a plot of land to set up an animal shelter.

Email to Ms Tan, CEO of AVA

Permission granted to post an email to Ms Tan, CEO of AVA, regarding this "How do you recover from this?"
Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009 1:05 PM

Dear Ms. Tan

My name is H R(name abbreviated), a pure bred Singaporean, a natural born lover of all living beings, and a strong advocate of saving lives, ANY lives.
The moment I read this, I had to curb the vile disgorge of repugnance that was coming up my throat. Repugnance at the unnecessary evil deeds of;
1. asking 2 aunties to choose which of the 2 cats (a mother and her baby kitten) they would rather save.
2. taking the baby kitten away, even though it was frantically hysterical having to be separated from it's mother.
3. The most unforgivable cursed deed of all - murdering the poor innocent baby kitten.

Ms. Tan, perhaps you are not a mother yet, or perhaps you are. I am not judging you - however I ask you, is there no compassion, being in an environment where hundreds and thousands of innocent living beings are being viciously massacred through no fault of theirs? Their harsh sentence carried out as their only sin was - TO EXIST.

Ms. Tan, please think about it, how would anyone react or feel, even if it is the poor lesser beings of dogs or cats, or any pets or animals, to have to live with the knowledge that their newborns was taken away from them to be killed without mercy? That for them to subsist in this part of the world will bring a death sentence upon them.

One would think, it's only a cat, a dog, a rabbit, a little mouse, but it's these creatures that existed way before our time. Without these creatures we cannot exist. It takes all of us to make up this world.

Ms. Tan, is it not our UNIVERSAL responsibility to administer love, kindness, compassion, to all living beings?

The Buddha advocates us to" Refrain from the unwholesome actions/ Perform only wholesome ones/ Purify the mind / This is the teaching of the Enlightened Ones."
And to quote the wise words of Buddha; " Intention, is karma. Having willed, one acts through body, speech and mind."

Ms. Tan, YOU will be the person, who may be able to change the way the system works. We do not ask of you to change the world; that would be a big task required upon many.... but to help save lives, it only takes ONE.

Ms. Tan, I wonder if you sleep better at night knowing that all those lives that were inexorably taken are looking down at us and praying for our lost souls.

With bitter sadness
Mrs. R

A good-looking tabby

Handsome community cat in the East

Do some people expect a dustbin to follow them where-ever they go, such as while awaiting for the lift

The "ugliness" of the human species