Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dog found abandoned at the void deck of Blk 544 Bedok North St 3

On 19 November 2012, the dog pictured was found abandoned at the void deck of Blk 544 Bedok North St 3, in a closed cardboard box which was taped up with minimal ventilation. It had excessively matted and dirty fur. Ulcerated growths were p
resent on the dog’s neck and leg.
The SPCA is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person/s responsible for this cruel act. If you can help, please call SPCA at 6287 5355 ext 9.

Best news of the day: a kind soul has offered to take care of the dog abandoned in a box at Bedok North St 3. The dog is pictured here after being groomed yesterday.

We are still appealing for any information that will assist our investigation. Please contact us at 62875355 ext 9 if you can help.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to Get Along with Cat Haters

How to Get Along with Cat Haters

19 OCTOBER 2012
written by DIANDA in the Health section of The Anipal Times
I’ve met a lot of people who don’t like cats. And I often hear the same reasons all over again when I ask them why they don’t like cats — smelly litter box, they aren’t loyal, you cannot teach them tricks and of course the most famous one: They ruin the furniture. Then you have cat-haters, people who dislike cats with a passion and the people who are allergic to cats.

Why All The Hatred?

If you own a cat and you’re planning to make it an outdoor cat, be prepared for angry neighbors as your cat will most likely will do its business in your neighbors beautiful garden. And I’m sure you know that nothing is worse than finding a cat’s business between your flowers while working on your garden. This might be the number one reason why your neighbor is creating evil plans to make your cat disappear.
I keep my cats inside, warm and safe, because I don’t know what the intentions are of the people outside.
Even with indoor cats things can get pretty heated, especially if someone has trouble connecting with the cat. Worse if the cat has been peeing on expensive suits, scratching the furniture and doing other things that makes someone go nuts when it goes on for a long time. In time, the frustration boils up until the bomb explodes. There is no love for the cat, only hatred and angry feelings towards the poor kitty who was only trying to make something clear.
One theory says that people who say they hate cats actually hate the fact that they have to accept they are not in control when faced with a cat. Everyone hates being out of control at some level and dogs are easier to take control over than cats.
Maybe something happened in the past of a cat-hater that made them dislike cats so much? They could have had a very bad experience with a cat when they were little, or they had an overprotective parent who without knowing thought their child to dislike cats by telling and teaching the child to never touch a cat? Even when someone does not like an animal, there is no reason to harm an animal. It’s a kind of hatred we will never understand.

What Do To If You Meet One?

If you love cats, there is a chance you will come across someone who does not like cats or is allergic to cats. I don’t have problem with either of them. I respect their choice and respect that they are allergic to cats. If someone is willing to visit my place who is allergic to cats or scared of them, I will make sure the place is clean, tidy and cat-hairless and lock my cats away in a room. If people don’t like cats? You don’t have to visit my place. To each their own, right?
But when things get physical, that is when I get mad. A lot of people don’t know what to do when they meet a cat hater who hates cats so much they want to hurt them, drown them, kill them. It’s complicated, it confuses me and I will never be able to understand it. But what can you do if you think a (cat) hater is abusing animals? Well, there are many options…
First, make sure you don’t make any rash decisions. Don’t get mad, and if you’re planning to tell that person to stop it, you have to be 100% sure that that person actually has been abusing animals. I also suggest you don’t go alone. You might want to come up with evidence if possible but if you’re not up for this straight-forward approach you can always call the police or the SPCA. Remember that even for the police it can be difficult to find out who the perpetrator is, with or without evidence. Most of the time — and I know from experience, the SPCA will keep checking the neighborhood.
Rosie survived a cat-hater. By posting flyers and calling the SPCA we scared off the cat-hater in our neighborhood eventually.
Another option is to scare off the cat-hater who might be hurting animals in your neighborhood. Make flyers on which you explain the situation, what is going on and that pet owners might want to keep their cats and other animals inside, together with the phone number of the police and the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). What you don’t put on the flyer is who you think it could be because you could be wrong. Hand the flyers out to people, go to houses where you’ll explain the situation personally, approach people on the street. Hang flyers up on trees or street lanterns. Try to make it known so everyone in your neighborhood is aware, even the person you suspect.
If a person who does not like cats is visiting you, you can try to come up with an agreement. It depends on how comfortable you and the visitor are when it comes to cats. Remember that it is your house and your cats, and he is your visitor. He had a choice but decided to visit your place anyway. If you want to be the perfect host and you don’t mind locking your cats away in a room where they have everything — food, water, litter box and toys for a few hours, I suggest doing that.
It’s better than letting them roam around the place when you have a guest who does not like cats. If you own cats, you know there will always be people who don’t like cats which might result in you constantly trying to keep your cats away from your guest or your guest might not be so nice to your cats. Sometimes your visitors will just ignore them.
You can also ask your visitor what it is that he doesn’t like about cats, and see if you can use that. For example: your visitor hates the smell of litter boxes, and thinks cats are disgusting. Clean the litter boxes, the house, the cats sleeping places and show your visitor they aren’t disgusting.
Make it known you have cats if you are aware that your guest doesn’t like cats but also let them know you’re open to suggestions and options. Your cats might be your everything but sometimes sacrifices have to be made. If you really don’t want to lock away your cats see if there is a way to keep them distracted and away from the guest such as interactive toys or feeding time? If you’re okay with raw feeding, give them something to gnaw on that will keep them busy for a while. Always stay friendly and don’t get offended if your guest doesn’t like cats.


Most people who are allergic to cats are allergic to their saliva. And to get rid of that saliva you have to bathe your cat. But we all know that a lot of cats  don’t like water and don’t like taking a bath. To spare you all the hassle and the pain I suggest you clean your entire house if you have someone coming over who is allergic to cats. Maybe they have medication for it, or are taking shots for their allergy, but I think it’s a way of showing your respect to that person that you care, by cleaning, vacuuming and getting rid of all the cat hair. If you feel comfortable doing so, lock your cats up in a room in where they have access to their litter box, food and water and everything else they need. If you don’t want to do that, another option is go to a room with the doors closed so your cats aren’t locked up, but they can’t enter the room either.
It’s important to not get offended or mad if you meet someone that doesn’t like cats or wants to hurt them. Don’t take any rash actions yourself without contacting the police or the SPCA. If you have a guest coming over who doesn’t like cats, respect him, his choice and see if you can come up with an agreement. But remember that it’s your house and your cats. Don’t be afraid to say it if you feel uncomfortable having him around with your cats. It’s your house and you should be able to say whatever you want.



Once homeless, and in a good home with a good friend


Hair Salon Cat

Hair Salon cat, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App Hair Salon cat, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

On today's Sunday Times - Panel calls for tougher penalties.

On today's Sunday Times - Panel calls for tougher penalties.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sure to bring a smile on your face!

Sure to bring a smile on your face!
Sure to bring a smile on your face!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yishun 326 Tabby cat

New poster to be printed and placed along Yishun Ring Road to appeal for information + send a message to animal haters (if this is indeed an abuse case) that we are watching. It is only a very simple poster but let's hope that the message gets through.

If there's mistakes in the translation please let me know!

Without my cat, my heart would be empty!

Love CATS's photo.

Cute Molly!


Greyee-Boy: no more homeless

Friday, November 9, 2012

Meow - the real Singapore Cats
Meow - the real Singapore Cats

Cat suspected to be thrown off Blk 326 Yishun Ring Road

Like This Page · 6 hours ago 

This cat is currently fighting for his life at a vet clinic. If you have any information about what happened to this cat at Blk 326 Yishun Ring Road, please contact

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ageing Beautifully

To the owner/s who dumped Bingo to DIE just because she is OLD. Whoever you are, you ought to reflect on what you have done!

Bingo was dumped by her owner unceremoniously to SPCA. My teammates at Save Our StreetDogs SOSD, together with angels from the public who read her plight, took her over from SPCA.

Bingo is such a sweet girl; she understands commands, jumps around happily, follows you around waiting for a snack, and is perfectly healthy except for her skin condition.

Maybe its the mounting stress, or the fatigu
e. I don't think I was prepared emotionally to meet Bingo for the first time. After I spent some time with her, I rushed off, and starting crying and crying. Because I don't understand what could have made her owners want her dead. And it was overwhelming thinking about how we would all not have the fortune of meeting her if she was not rescued in time. Every life counts.

We can only aim to change the world for our Singapore Specials, one dog at a time.

Monday, November 5, 2012

LOVE CATS "Extraordinary Cat Owners": Qittkat

A feeder found Qittkat with rubber bands tied to his front and hind leg. He was rushed to the vet but the blood had stopped flowing on his hind leg and it had to be amputated. They managed to save his o
ther leg but as the rubber band had been wound so tight, it left a mark. Despite his ordeal, barely weeks after his surgery, he was back on the streets and still very trusting of humans. The feeder then decided that Qittkat needs a home and that was how Zuraidah came to adopt him.

When Zuraidah first had him, he was about 2-years old and had just lost his leg and struggling to adapt. She could sense his frustration whenever he could not do the things that he used to, like climbing, scratching his ear or jumping for toys. Whenever that happened, he would find a corner and hide himself in despair. But with time, he learned to adapt to his disability and soon enough, he was up and about like a normal cat and nobody even noticed that he was missing a leg!

Qittkat’s fight against the odds became an inspiration to Zuraidah to survive a long abusive relationship and to recover from it. Qittkat is now 11 years old and still fights everyday to do what any other cat can do – be loving and a joy to have and hold.

Zuraidah and Qittkat are just one of the owner/pet cat that regulating cat ownership helps. Qittkat was sterilised and kept safely indoors in an HDB flat for 8 long years until eventually moving to a private residence. With cat ownership regulation, we ensure that cat owners like Zuraidah are not penalised by the actions of cat owners who continue to perpetuate the misconception that cats are not good pets.

Our "Most Beautiful Domestic Cat" contest in June highlighted many responsible owners and their amazing stories. This time round, we want to feature extraordinary owners who have been through thick and thin with their cats. Their cats may be old, blind, disabled, they have done their absolute best to keep their cats unconditionally and responsibly.

Submit your stories to Winning entries will have their portraits taken by a professional photographer.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow

Everybody LOVES Molly!

A recently rescued kitten, abandoned with her sibling and her mum.

The real lesson about dolphins
Published on Nov 03, 2012

HAVING dolphins in Resorts World Sentosa may be perceived to be educational ("Vocal minority shouldn't hold others hostage" by Mr Steven Chua; Oct 26) but bringing the animals to Singapore will do more harm than good.
Damaging the dolphins' natural habitat by uprooting and placing them in a strange habitat may be detrimental and is not an episode children should learn. We should teach children not to unnecessarily tamper with the natural world.
With the advancement of technology, children can surely learn more about dolphins without causing damage.
Joyce Choong (Miss)

Beautiful Senior Tara

Feline members of families

To some, cats are "nuisance and carriers of diseases", to be got rid off
To some, cats are as clean and lovable as children, to be kept safe by their sides always.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Lovely community cats of Tampines

Love your pets, be kind to others,-be-kind-to-others

From Eunice Amanda Wilbertine Nah Chief Advocate (Volunteer), Animal Welfare Global, Agency for Animal Welfare

In "Why pet policies do matter to neighbours" (Oct 17), Mr Tan Tai Lim mentioned a problem with dog urine along the walkways.

We empathise and apologise on behalf of his inconsiderate neighbours who did not clean up after their pets. We live in a community and must be kind towards one another. We wish to improve relationships in Rivervale by advising his neighbours, if his Member of Parliament (MP) could write to us.

We are contacting all MPs on pet-related disputes, and his MP would have our contact details.

We will soon assist the Housing and Development Board, town councils and the National Environment Agency on such issues.

We are launching a Kindness in the Community programme and hope to help Mr Tan and his neighbours come to a better living arrangement when such disputes arise. We are here to serve communities in our advocacy for pets through mediation, education and engagement. Pet-owners, not animals, are at fault, and we urge them to be kind to their pets by being kind to neighbours.

To improve animal welfare here, animal welfare groups need pet-owners to clean up after their pets, so that no pet may be euthanised, abandoned or evicted.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Council bans sales of non-shelter dogs, cats and rabbits

Council bans sales of non-shelter dogs, cats and rabbits

November 1, 2012 0
Puppy Mill Council bans sales of non shelter dogs, cats and rabbits
LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The Los Angeles City Council voted 13-2 Wednesday to make Los Angeles the largest city in the nation to ban pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits purchased from commercial breeders.
People can still purchase pets directly from breeders, just not in stores, which will be able to obtain non-breeder stock from the city’s animal shelters or humane societies registered with the city’s Department of Animal Services.
City Councilman Paul Koretz introduced the measure with the intention of shutting down puppy and kitten mills and reducing the tens of thousands of euthanizations performed on unclaimed animals each year. The city euthanized more than 21,000 dogs, cats and rabbits in each of the last two fiscal years — about 37 percent of the animals impounded.
Pet shops and other retailers will have six months before the law goes into effect. The penalty for violating the ban will start at $250 for a first offense and goes up to $1,000 for a third strike.
Companion Animal Protection Society West Coast Director Carole Raphaelle Davis said the law would help end “the blood money contracts between puppy mill owners who abuse animals and L.A. pet retailers.”
“We are relieved that finally, the cries of L.A.’s shelter animals have been heard. Puppy mills and cruel pet factories will fade into history at last,” Davis said.
City Councilmen Bill Rosendahl and Mitchell Englander cast the dissenting votes.

Please SAVE Idoh

Remember Jason and Idoh, whom I made a video about some time ago? (

Unfortunately, it didn't work out.
Jason is given until 24th Nov to remove Idoh.. He has given up appealing, as multiple appeals have not helped, and tensions in his family has arisen over this issue.. Its really sad.

Jason's neighbours complained about Idoh not because of barking, or biting, or digging or what not. They complained because he is a mongrel.

Jason has decided t
o put Idoh up for adoption.
Idoh is very attached to Jason; and will require a very patient family to slowly win his trust.

For adoption enquiries, please email

If you have not watched their video, please spend some time to do so (
— with Shindy Lam.