Monday, December 31, 2012

2 kittens were found dismembered in Chong Pang

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The year has ended on an extremely tragic note. 2 kittens were found dismembered in Chong Pang. The case has been reported to the Police, AVA and SPCA.

We CONDEMN the abuser. We also CONDEMN the irresponsible cat owner that has chronically abandoned and let her pet cats roam at this block, but there was never enough evidence to tie the abandonment and ownership to the household.

The caregivers have been trying to keep up with this situation with sterilisation and rehoming but were too late to this recently abandoned litter.

This household was red-flagged again when we were doing the door to door visits for the cat ownership pilot and the case was surfaced to authorities to bring new solutions to this chronic problem under the pilot. While that is underway, it is also too late for this litter.

This is exactly the kind of situation the Animal Welfare Legistation Review and Cat Ownership Pilot kick-started in 2012 aim to resolve to get a definitive grip on abuse and abandonment. Cases like this show that there is NO TIME TO LOSE. We MUST see concrete results in 2013 before it is too late for more cats!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Irresponsible owner leaves BLIND dog TICK INFESTED and TOOTHLESS!!

by Dominic Ng Yeow Siang on Friday, 30 November 2012 at 22:26 ·
This blind dog was wondering the roads about 1km from his owner's place and was almost knocked down by cars. A passerby had housed him overnight, contacted all relevant forums to post lost n found and brought him to the vet. Vet checks had revealed that the dog is TICK INFESTED, has a terrible EAR INFECTION, partially BLIND, TOOTHLESS (not even 1 tooth), lumps on his body causing pain to his movements and long warped nails. This is caused by years of NEGLECT!

The same dog had been found wondering the estate several times within the past few months. This dog has NO MICROCHIP and NO LICENSE!

This dog belongs to a RICH owner living in a landed house located in Serangoon Gardens. When the owner was contacted, she asked why was her dog sent to the vet and scolded the person who contacted her.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Hit-and-run concerns over animals

Published on Dec 03, 2012

HIT-AND-RUN accidents involving animals as casualties tend to be overlooked and go unreported. My dog was a victim of a hit-and-run accident some three months ago. The impact of the hit was so great that the driver's car plate dislodged. This could be used as hard evidence to help identify the driver.
Since the accident, I have been trying to follow up with the Traffic Police about the progress of the case, but to no avail.
I understand that not everyone appreciates animals the way animal lovers and pet owners do. However, no one should attach less significance to hit-and-run cases just because they involve animals. We should learn to respect animals as fellow living beings.
I strongly urge Singaporeans to be more mindful of animals, and show more kindness to and respect for them.
Koh Wei Qi (Miss)